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The Invention

A full-time athlete, Johann "Salzhans" Salzwimmer was helicopter skiing in Canada when he noticed something wrong with his body. It wasn't until he got back home to Austria when he was given a diagnosis of terminal Parkinson's disease. His condition worsened to the point of needing assisted living, but that didn't stop him from staying active.

It was while playing tennis when he realized that his symptoms were less apparent, with his physical improvements a result of certain movements.

That prompted Salzhans to experiment with various parts of tennis rackets to try and recreate the effect, but no success was found. It was only after much trial and error - and a complete redesign of the system - that smovey was born.

The Product

Consisting of four steel balls inside a spiral hose, the smovey vibrates as the balls run along the grooves of the hose, allowing the user to feel the vibration in the handle.

The smovey is lightweight enough at one pound for users of all kinds to utilize, but through centrifugal force generated by a user's swinging motion the weight felt increases up to twelve pounds.

The combination of the vibrations with the created force allows the user to refine the interactions between their muscles, preventing falls that may otherwise happen from occurring.


  • Ease of use and comfort when held in hands

  • Improvement of arm function through constant movement and strengthening

  • Natural arm swing is encouraged

  • Noise of the balls in the tube lets you hear your progress

  • Reduction of tension by gently massaging your skin when rolled over

  • Rhythmic swinging of the rings can improve your ability to maintain a desired pace

  • Visual feedback is provided through the bright colour of the ring

  • Weighted ring helps improve bone density

smovey Products

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